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First/ Second Stationary Engineer - Hobby Airport Houston    Views
Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2012
By: recruiter_email@yahoo.com

Job Description:

1. Ensure efficient and proper operation of central plant equipment high pressure steam boilers, electric and steam chillers, air compressors, hot water converters, cooling towers and support equipment
2. Record readings on equipment throughout the shift
3. Perform preventative maintenance on plant equipment
4. Troubleshoot equipment failures and take corrective actions
5. Maintain correct chemical treatment levels
6. Keep plant clean, organized and in tour ready condition
7. Excellent customer service and communication skills necessary
8. Ability to get along with peers, Supervisors and other employees
9. Complete and/or assist with other projects as assigned
10. Follow proper safety procedures and practices
11. First/Second Grade License is a MUST.
12. Applicants must pass drug screening and background check

Work Location: Hobby Airport, Houston, Texas

Send resumes for consideration to: recruiter_email@yahoo.com

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