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Control Room Operator CRO - Syracuse New York
Posted: Monday, August 27, 2012
By: Angela Davis

PIC is seeking a full time Operator Technician who will be responsible for monitoring the status of all plant systems at a gas fired combined cycle plant in New York. Please contact me for more information if you are interested. Angela.Davis@picworld.com.

PIC is seeking a contract Control Room Operator in Syracuse, NY. This is an 80 MW Plant that was going to be shut down, but will be running for at least another year. There are5 boilers. Pulverized coal units. Runs at 10% load to cover for the process steam to host next them. Person would be assigned to a shift schedule and working a DuPont schedule. Person must have operating experience on coal fired power plants.

Please send resume to angela.davis@picworld.com

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