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Area Sales Manager
Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012
By: rkumari@elliott-turbo.com

Area Sales Manager -APAC region based at Singapore/Malaysia
Elliott Company - based at Singapore/Malaysia Other
Job Description
• Responsible for achieving assigned sales objectives within budgeted costs.
• Identification of projects that offer the potential for maximising income and growth.
• Generate opportunities that meet Elliott Ebara objectives.
• Establishes and maintains contact with major customers and their representatives as well as Elliott agents, to promote sales and coordinate engineering.
• Presents preliminary estimates and quotations and follow up so as to maintain good customer relations.
• Managing and directing the preparation of technical and commercial proposals including price recommendations based on market information.
• Contacts and develops close working relations with contractors, end-users or consultants and others responsible for design of systems and selection of equipment.
• Provides consulting engineers and others with technical data and engineering information and actively assists or advises regarding plans and specifications.
• Collaborates with customers, engineering contractors or consultants in the design of systems, selection of equipment and the conducting of economic and engineering studies.
• Negotiation of all contractual issues including Scope of Supply, Terms and Conditions, Price, Delivery and Liquidated Damages.
• Successfully concludes negotiations through personal initiative and demonstrated ability to close the order.
• Identification of areas of risk and strategies for mitigation.
• Keeps in touch with job during construction and handles customer contacts in connection with the job. As necessary, assists in expediting equipment.
• Conducting post contractual wash-up to identify lessons learnt and areas for improvement.
• Collating data from across the region for input into forecasting tools.
• Performing cash-flow analysis.
• Prepares various periodic and special reports such as sales forecasts, prospective business, lost business and the like.
• Collaborates with Marketing Specialist and Sales Director to achieve the most effective product presentation.
• Analyses market trends of competitive equipment and advises supervisor of competitive developments.
• May act as a specialist for an assigned product line.
• Responsible for generating and submitting in writing, ideas to improve Elliott products, their cost, service, application or sale.
• Promote value selling concepts and product strategies within the region.
• Establishing and maintaining Manufacturers Representatives across the territory.
• Providing leadership, management and ongoing coaching to the team
Desired Skills & Experience
• BSc/BEng in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent Fluent in English
• Commercially astute
• An innovative and self-motivated individual with the ability to work largely unsupervised
• Excellent communication skills - able to communicate with management / colleagues at all levels
• Must have excellent presentation skills and ability to work closely with customers
• Candidates must be highly articulate
• Record of success in previous employment

Company Description

Over 100 years, the Elliott name has been synonymous with precision engineering, extraordinary reliability and unparalleled service. Elliott’s commitment to product innovation has set the standard in compression technology and power recovery. This level of innovation, performance, and continuous improvement gives us the confidence to look forward to an even more promising and rewarding future.

Who is Elliott? Elliott Group is a global rotating equipment supplier aligned to the energy sector. Elliott turbomachinery is custom engineered to meet specific application and process needs for customers such as ExxonMobil, Petrobras, ConocoPhillips, Pemex, RasGas, Dow Chemical, and Shell, to name a few. Our employees, many of them published, renowned experts in their fields, include engineers, machinists/welders, designers/drafters, sales engineers and field service personnel. Together they design, manufacture, sell and service Elliott steam turbines, compressors, gas expanders and auxiliary systems for a global market place.

Elliott’s success is rooted in an open, dynamic and academic environment where individuals in each position and professional discipline have substantive jobs and challenging assignments. In this environment, our employees have the opportunity to quickly increase their knowledge, enhance their abilities, and maximize their potential for positions of increasing responsibility.

Now is an exciting time at Elliott as we expand operations to support customers around the globe. If you enjoy an open, friendly, professional, entrepreneurial environment where you will be challenged and recognized for your contributions, we offer outstanding opportunities for qualified applicants.

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